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Updated 2024-07-17 03:24:26 +12:00
Heap data structure for Elixir.
Updated 2024-07-17 03:23:25 +12:00
Documentation site and homepage for Cinder.
Updated 2024-07-17 03:23:00 +12:00
Provides a driver for SSD1306-based monochrome displays connected via I2C.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:39:19 +12:00
Parsing and encoding of MIDI messages. Bring your own transport.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:29:08 +12:00
A Phoenix LiveDashboard page for inspecting your Lamina configurations
Updated 2024-07-13 07:28:52 +12:00
Kinemat is the beginnings of a library for solving forward and reverse kinematics of robotic systems and graphical simulations.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:27:47 +12:00
Representation of IP addresses and subnets.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:27:40 +12:00
Simple animation easing functions
Updated 2024-07-13 07:27:09 +12:00
Implements MIDI framing for Serial ports connected via Circuits.UART.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:27:04 +12:00
Tired of forever converting back and forwards between degrees and radians? Well worry no more; Angle is here to make your life simple!
Updated 2024-07-13 07:25:44 +12:00
A kinematics library for use with Ardupilot (or other Lua-based systems).
Updated 2024-07-12 04:27:50 +12:00
Builds a handy dandy container of balena-cli including the docker executables so you can use it with docker-in-docker.
Updated 2024-07-11 15:54:05 +12:00
A Tutorial for Ash
Updated 2024-07-09 11:52:33 +12:00
A docker-compose file containing common services needed while doing development.
Updated 2024-07-09 11:22:36 +12:00
Charting utilities for Ash Framework
Updated 2024-06-25 02:58:23 +12:00
Updated 2024-06-24 18:56:33 +12:00
Source for a talk I gave about GraphQL and Elixir/Phoenix.
Updated 2024-06-24 16:15:03 +12:00
Community Theatre helps you put on shows when you don't have the resources to be on Broadway.
Updated 2024-06-24 16:13:36 +12:00
Huia is an immutable, typed, object oriented programming language targetting native and web execution.
Updated 2024-06-24 16:12:18 +12:00